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Why you should still use article marketing for SEO purposes

There is a line of thinking that you will hear every now and then that proclaims that article marketing is dead. This happens whenever you get a method of promotion to become popular and people rush in to be part of the trend. Then the people who were there first proclaim that the new people are crowding them out. Once this happens, then the people who were originally doing the promotion proclaim that the method is dead. This could not be further from the truth when it comes to article marketing. There are people that are still able to get good positioning in the search engines due to their articles being everywhere. So let’s get a more direct look at what article marketing is and why you should still use it for your SEO purposes.

What is article marketing exactly? 
Article marketing is when you or another person that you pay, writes content on a particular topic. You then post that content to another web site. The purpose of posting the content to another web site is that it allows you to send a link back to your main web site. If the other web site that you posted the content to has good PR juice, then it will transfer over to your site. Also, it will count as another link to your site which Google and the other search engines love so much. And the last benefit of article marketing is that it will bring much needed traffic to your web site. So you can see the many benefits of article marketing and how it can become saturated. But it is not dead as some of the critics like to say. In the next paragraph we will show you why.

Article marketing still lives 
As long as you can still get the benefits that we talked about earlier in the article, then article marketing is not dead. And for right now, you can still receive those benefits. It is probably the type of marketing that Google likes the most. The more content that you put out on the internet the more Google gets to index it. The only reason why people are saying that it is dead is because it is not as easy as it was before. There is a lot of competition so you have to be a little bit more creative. You have to find new places to post your articles and change it up so that the people are interested in them. If the articles are garbage then the people and the search engines will past them by. Both are more web savvy than they used to be. The main person who benefits from using article marketing is the person who is just starting. They are able to have a cheap way to get traffic to their web site.

Article marketing is far from dead. If you take the time and do it right then you will find that it will work for you as well.

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