Avoiding Penalties for Doing Dangerous SEO Campaigns

There is a big question about the validity of SEO experts that only promote white hat SEO techniques in order to get good search engine rankings.

This matter needs to be clarified because there are many internet marketers that are using SEO techniques without any results. They are not trying to apply black hat techniques because they are afraid to lose good rankings, something that they do not own yet..

1. Reciprocal Link
Unless combined with a good portion of one way back links, link reciprocation will not produce definitive results.

If the websites that link to each other have good linking patterns, their link exchange will help to boost their authorities.

On the other hand, webmasters who build obscure reciprocal links and one way back links will end up having their websites ignored by search engines.

2. Page On-load Redirects
This method is quite effective in short term, but it will face serious consequences if noticed. The consequence if the method is being spotted is that the website will be excluded by the search engines.

To transfer content by site or page, you should use 301 redirects instead, because it will keep the PageRank value.

You also need to make sure that the domain name that you are using is fully functional and the web page are in the same niche.

3. Buying Links
This can be efficient if being done discreetly, and with good quality websites.

This SEO method is quite favored because of the effectiveness.

You can make this a great SEO method for your campaign if you are able to keep buying links discreetly.

Your link buying activities will be undetected if you can put your link in the contents of the websites that you choose to buy a link from.

4. Building Linking Networks
This can be a good SEO method if it is being built with relevancy and coherency.

Building linking networks is just like link reciprocation, and it is even more transparent. However, Google will penalize websites that get too many links from one C block IP range. That is why you need to use different hosting services for your linking network.

5. Using Hidden Text
Using hidden text can only get poor results, and wasting time.

There are many other ways to influence search engine rankings that are better than this one.

6. Cloaking
This method is really effective until the search engine notice it. The concept of this method is to create 2 versions of each of the contents. One version is for the search engines and the other version for human visitor.

7. Using Automated Content Generator
If you are using automated content generation for good intentions, this method cannot be considered as a dangerous SEO practice.


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