Cleaning Duplicate Content and Keeping Your Website Clean

There are many online marketers that do not know that their websites have duplicate content. Most websites that have duplicate content are affiliate websites, e commerce websites, and submission websites.

How to know if your website contains duplicate content?
The first thing to do is to evaluate the layout of your web page. The footer, header, navigation bar, and sidebars are components that remain the same because they are the website’s template. Most webmasters overlook these website parts, but Google’s spiders are recording everything that they found. Everything are recorded whether they are content, pictures, or combination of the two.

E-commerce Websites


Most e commerce websites have duplicate content because of the sketchy nature. E commerce websites are designed to have short descriptive tags and a descriptive picture for every product that it displays.

Duplicate content becomes an issue when the container of the content is outweighed by the number of words that the template contains. However, you have to remember that Google is not able to read any images at all. The search engine will not know whether a picture is a cute puppy picture or something else. This problem can be solved but you need to spend a little more time.

All you need to do is to calculate the proportion of the text in the template to the text that you have in the content. Here’s how to do this:
Select the entire web page and copy paste everything into Microsoft Word. Then, you need to delete the contents that are about the products and count the remaining words that you have. The remaining words are the words that build the template.

After you have calculated the words, you need to create some unique texts that are more than what you have in the template. This will eliminate duplicate content problem and differentiate your website from other websites that use similar template.

The title tag is the most important factor that can raise duplicate content problem so that you need to make sure that the title tags of your website are all different from other websites.

Affiliate Websites


Search engines are systematically giving lower positions to thin affiliate websites in their organic listings. They are only keeping the most relevant and well established websites. Generally, the websites that has a good rank is the main company’s website and some of the affiliate websites.

Affiliate websites are actually useless when it comes to search engines ranking. They are all the same, generating off site duplicate content problem.

The following are the things that you can do to make your affiliate websites rank in the search engines:
1. Create a new product or service offer using unique content. By doing this, you will have the chance to be noticed by Google and other search engines.
2. Use new concepts for your offer. You need to reconstruct the product and services that you offer with you as the center of it so that people will buy from you.
3. You should increase the number of pages that your affiliate website has. Create guides and tips to make the website really informational.



Blogs are the best CMS for people with little or no technical knowledge. But the problem is that it can easily slip duplicate content to the pages.

Avoiding duplicate content on your Blogs:
1. You should put each of the posts in an appropriate category. You should never do multiple category inclusions.
2. Use the “Read More” feature properly. You have to use this feature on every post that you have. It is better to use it after the first 2 paragraphs.
3. You should prevent search engine spiders from crawling user friendly sections like archives, popular posts, etc. You can keep the search engine spiders out using robots.txt file or simply by inserting no follow attribute.

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