Common Sense Ways of Getting Inbound Links for Your Website

To get inbound links to your site is the most crucial element of SEO and online marketing. If you aren’t familiar with ways to do this, then it can be a big headache. Those who are new to online marketing and have products to sell really need to put in the time to learn how to get the links that are going to drive traffic to their site. It can mean the difference between success and failure. Many people have a one or a two page site and now that need to get traffic from the search engines. And for this, they need as many back links as they can get. But all of the teaching manuals deal with sites that are highly active, and a two page product site isn’t a very active site.

So here are some tips for those who are looking for ways to get inbound links to a promo site:

Have The Right Content 

Regardless of how often you update your content, it still has to be there. Be sure your site is optimized for your main keywords, on your home page, and on all your sub-pages. You should keep your site page countdown to ten or under. But fill them up with good content. Good content is very informative, interesting, and easy reading for your visitors. This is a very crucial step in acquiring backlinks.

Add Links To Your Site 

Hopefully you have more than just a few sites by now. And if so, then you need to put links on them. After all, that’s a good way of tying them all together for when visitors come. They can freely move from one of your sites to the other.

Look For ‘do-follow’ Blogs 

You’ll find there are many ‘do-follow’ blogs available. This means that links that you leave in the comments section will be followed by the spider bots, and subsequently indexed by the search engines. Search for ‘do-follow’ blogs on Google and then make your comments. Be sure to make a contribution through your comments and not just make a sales pitch. This could get you banned, and tarnish your reputation.

Create Your Sitemap For Google 

You can either hand-code or utilize online apps to design a sitemap, and then you need to submit it to Google. This helps your site to get indexed quicker.

Buy Paid Links 

If you have some money to invest, then try some of the paid links. The biggest drawback to these is if you stop paying, then the link gets deleted.

Do Some Article Marketing 

Anyone who has a product for sale, should consider doing article marketing. Even if you can’t write, you can hire someone to do write for you. When you engage in article marketing, you not only get to show off your knowledge of your product, but you get exposure that gains you a good and trusted reputation over time. And this will eventually lead to more sales. You can submit to eZine, or Hubpages, or Squidoo, and various other sites where you can get exposure.

Those six easy methods can help you to gain some new inbound links that will help your site to grow, and add to your success.

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