Developing Your Online Link Building Strategy

Building links is one of the key components for your online marketing strategy. It’s a way of getting some free advertising. When you build back links to your site, you are boosting your rankings with the search engines. When you take on ‘Incoming’ links, they are seen as validation that your site has some clout and that it has respectability in regards to your niche. The higher your site ranks, the more online exposure you’ll get.

Building back links is so vitally important that it’s to your own advantage to approach it with a well planned strategy. It’s not to be taken lightly. And to do that, here are three powerful strategies that you can employ to help you build links and increase your page ranking for traffic to your website:

Fresh Content

Always have fresh and relevant content. And the more you circulate information online, the more site exposure you’ll get, and your business will more easily get known. It’s somewhat of a numbers game. Now keep in mind that not all your content is going to grab all your readers. But it should supply good information and bring relevant insight to your main theme. If you keep putting your information out there, eventually it ends up in front of someone who likes it, and then you build back links from people like them. The higher the quality of the back links, the more impact it will make on the search engine rankings of your site.


Content Circulation

Regardless of how good your information is, if you don’t get it out there where people can read it, it’s worthless. Always keep on the lookout for ways to circulate your information. It doesn’t matter if you write your own stuff, or if you outsource it, the main thing is to get it out there. And this goes for everything your manage to get written.

From blog posts to article submissions, and from press releases to forums, you need to take advantage of every avenue that will enable you to place your information in front of potential visitors to your site, and people who want to link up.


Use Social Media

The social media have become somewhat stronger in the eyes of the search engines. Google is taking them much more serious than they used to. It’s an excellent way of getting backlinks to your site, and for getting your name and business exposed to a whole lot of people. You need to get involved and get around on these sites. Let yourself be seen. Form a presence. It can pay off big dividends for you.



When you get down to it, link building is very subtle, but so powerfully effective in raising your rating with the search engines. By enhancing your exposure you can give greater weight to your site and to your reputation as well. The three tips listed above can serve to help you get in the game in regards to link building, and to learn how to build the kind of reputable site that people will want to link to. Keep the content fresh, relevant, and very accessible.

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