Don’t buy links from expired domains

Web masters are always looking for more ways to make money and it seems one of the latest trends is buying expired domains with PR and selling links on them. There are many web master forums out there where people can buy these expired domains, also from domain registrars, then buy article packs at these forums and build sites on them. They will even go as far as changing the dates on the blog post to make it look like the site has been around for a while.

Then their off to the forums posting all their threads for links sales. Most web masters are aware of this kind of activity and know how to make sure they are not buying these low quality links. Well for those of that don’t, mostly newer web masters, this post is to show you how to check a domain to see if it has expired before.

It’s very simple actually. All you have to do is do a search on Google for the word “expired” and “the domain name” with it. This will bring up a lot of results for domain registrar sites and expired domain lists. If the domain has expired within the last year or so there will be some results towards the top of the page.

You could also do a little more research and check the back links the site has recorded with Google and Yahoo. You will probably get more accurate results checking your back links with Yahoo. Then you can go to the sites that have links to the domain and check them out. Make sure they are still or not and what kind of links are they? Are they links that will eventually be removed? Paid links, spammy links, forum signatures etc. Every once in a while a person might get lucky and find a site with thousands of back links and the sites’ PR will not drop much after the next update. However, Google looks at the quality of the links pointing to your site, not just the linking sites PR, and if the domain has expired recently the link juice you get will not be very valuable.

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